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Robyn Faulcon
Robyn F.
13:09 14 Mar 20
We always receive wonderful care! The dental hygienists and dentists are personable and great with the kids. My kids often choose to stay in the back playing with stuffed animals or watching videos while their siblings have their cleanings done.
Wendi Conaway
Wendi C.
13:19 10 Mar 20
Loretta VanReenen
Loretta V.
01:25 07 Mar 20
Marian U Blumenberg
Marian U B.
14:59 06 Mar 20
Amy Llewellyn
Amy L.
22:38 05 Mar 20
Dr. Newman is very thorough and personable. My son loves going to the dentist! She's made the experience stress-free. She is very honest and explains things in a way that it's easily understood.
Jean Meyers
Jean M.
17:43 03 Mar 20
Dennis Zerance
Dennis Z.
14:24 03 Mar 20
Excellent - As always!!!
Kimberly Caruso
Kimberly C.
14:09 03 Mar 20
Redhills Contracting LLC
Redhills Contracting L.
18:56 02 Mar 20
We love Fountainhead Dentistry! Dr. Melanie Newman has been caring for our kids for years, including a schoolyard dental emergency with our youngest. Staff is polite & helpful. Dr. Melanie is awesome!! We highly recommend her to be your family dentist. The kids love her!!
Todd Bender
Todd B.
00:03 29 Feb 20
Probably the best dental experience I’ve ever had. Felt no pain during a multiple cavity treatment. I wish I found this dental office years ago.Thanks Dr. Newman
Kirk Volker
Kirk V.
02:42 28 Feb 20
I have used Fountainhead Dentistry for the last 6 years, and I have never been disappointed in their service or professionalism. The front desk staff have always been courteous and prompt, and the ancillary staff have been the best at providing gentle care. Dr. Seidman has always provided me with the best care, whether is was for restoration work or cosmetic repairs. His breadth of knowledge and skill are amazing, and I do not hesitate to recommend his office to my family, friends, and neighbors.
Dan King
Dan K.
16:08 15 Feb 20
Joseph Maguire
Joseph M.
12:55 15 Feb 20
lily mackley
lily M.
02:25 05 Feb 20
I have been going to Fountain Head Dentistry for several years now. I have been seeing Dr. Pesrlannd since I was a. toddler. I am 23 years old now. He has seen my grow up and even though he has many patients, he still remembers me, what I am up to in life AND what my family members are up to. Dr. Pearl man was my dentist up until 19-20 years old. He is great and extremely friendly. I went to adult services with Lara Seidman afterwards. She GETS THE JOB DONE. I have always been one of those people who gets a little nervous when going to the dentist but she is phenomenal. From the second you sit in the chair, she is kind and engaging. If you get a procedure done that requires local anesthetic, she is about as gentle as it gets. I recently chipped my tooth and frantically needed it fixed, she was there to patch me up ASAP. I was in and out... you can’t even tell that it was fixed. My tooth looks BEAUTIFUL. Lara is also very thorough. I had a couple cavities and she gave me a filling and a root canal. Once again—she had me in and out with not a single concern. Fountainhead is kid friendly, adult friendly and family oriented. I always refer my friends to here and will take my future family here as well.
Jay Greenberg
Jay G.
15:27 04 Feb 20
The best dentist and hygienist.
Matthew Locker
Matthew L.
03:30 03 Feb 20
Cheryl Dillard
Cheryl D.
17:08 01 Feb 20
Great Service! Office staff is amazing! Lara Seidman did a great job fixing my chipped tooth.
Stephanie Hartman
Stephanie H.
14:30 31 Jan 20
Kristyn Klueg
Kristyn K.
14:28 31 Jan 20
Jimmy Hardin
Jimmy H.
01:35 31 Jan 20
Very friendly staff. Felt at ease
Erin Fife S
Erin Fife S
16:21 25 Jan 20
I have always had great experiences at fountainhead dentistry. Everyone is friendly, and knowledgeable. I got the pleasure of working with Dr. Laura Seidman and she was wonderful.
Vickie Hanshew
Vickie H.
00:15 18 Jan 20
Mary Lou Bowers
Mary Lou B.
22:24 06 Jan 20
Dr. Siedman has been my dentist for many years and now I travel from Baltimore. I think the team is great. Best techs for cleaning too.My kids all were patients of Dr. Pearlman as well.
16:27 31 Dec 19
Roberta Greenberg
Roberta G.
19:09 25 Dec 19
Outstanding professional care from the hygienist and dr Seidman , as always
Clayton Parmenter
Clayton P.
14:17 23 Dec 19
Susan Jelinek
Susan J.
14:14 19 Dec 19
Everyone is so friendly. They are very gentle when working on you. I would recommend them if you are looking for a new dentist.
Dana Martin
Dana M.
17:08 10 Dec 19
Always a friendly place - efficient staff and great Doctorslook forward to seeing them.
Gina Burgan Seavolt
Gina Burgan S.
19:22 07 Dec 19
Best group of people! So nice and they go out of their way to make you comfortable. For someone who is dental phobic this group is perfect! Couldn't be happier!
Lisa Heller
Lisa H.
17:08 05 Dec 19
I used to have an irrational fear of going to the dentist. I took my kids here and gradually got up the courage to wait in the waiting room, instead of the car. Fast forward many years, and I now go regularly for my own dental needs. The same staff is there which I believe, says volumes of the kind of place it is. I am always treated well. To this lay person (with a medical background however), I feel they really know what they are doing and I have confidence in my dental needs being well take care of while at this office.
Gina Cirincion
Gina C.
13:13 27 Sep 19
Our visit was, as usual, perfect. My daughter was taken back on time, Dr . Newman is a delight, and everyone in reception was helpful.
Brandon DaSilva
Brandon D.
12:14 23 Sep 19
What a great experience each and every time we visit! My family and I all are patients of this practice. We have seen all of the dentist and each one of them brings a personalized and positive experience. Alisa, has such a great energy, how can you not love her! It’s great to see the practice growing with the new addition of Dr. Lara Seidman. My daughter had a wonderful experience with her during her last visit. You never thought that a visit with the dentist brings so much to look forward to. First-class for sure!
Gina Walker
Gina W.
16:47 02 Aug 19
First time patient here. My first time experience was a BIG thumbs up! Dr. Seidman and her assistant were very friendly and patient. I liked being able to see my x-rays right in front of me and the fact that F. D. works with dental grants. Place was very clean. Loved Dr. Seidman's personality!
Eunie Inkang
Eunie I.
22:48 24 Jul 19
My tooth was very shaky and painful when l drink cold water. They were amazing in fixing it for me. Great job guys.
Phil Andrews
Phil A.
15:02 09 Jul 19
Dr. Seidman & Pearlman have taken care of my family for longer than I care to say. My children never hesitated to go to an appointment and I have never been hurt or felt pain even at checkout time :D. Wonderful staff too!
Tessa Thompson
Tessa T.
21:40 08 Jul 19
We've been going to Fountainhead since my parents moved to the area almost 27 years ago. Our family of 6 still continue going to them after all these years and couldn't be happier!
Genelle R.
Genelle R.
07:21 19 Mar 19
I had all kinds of work to get done after seeing other not so great dentists when I lived out of town. The rest of my family has been going here our entire...
Daniel Lefeber
Daniel L.
20:21 12 Mar 19
Been going here for years, always a good experience. Dr. Seidman and Dr. Newman are fantastic.
Carol DuVall
Carol D.
19:28 09 Jan 19
I have always been happy with the service I have received from Dr. Seidman.
Steven Thomas
Steven T.
15:22 08 Jan 19
All of the people in this office are awesome. They are very talented , friendly, and make you feel right at home. They always provide us with the best service!!
Bonnie Runk
Bonnie R.
01:05 08 Jan 19
I have been going to Dr. Seidman since 1992, I wouldn't think of going anywhere else. I would even wait to get my checkups with him when I lived in Florida for 2 years! I truly like the entire staff. I always feel comfortable there.
Beth and Jon Wolfinger
Beth and Jon W.
15:22 24 Oct 18
Debbie Shaffer
Debbie S.
23:43 17 Sep 18
I was referred to this office through Donated Dental. They were totally awesome with helping me
Jeannie Kirchner Cameron
Jeannie Kirchner C.
14:50 15 Aug 18
Knowledgeable and friendly practitioners and office staff. Always a pleasure!
Dianna Speir
Dianna S.
16:40 11 Jul 18
Dr. Newman is wonderful, and the staff are all very caring and professional. She always takes great care of my son.
Joanne Morgan
Joanne M.
13:49 10 Jul 18
I wouldn't go anywhere else!! The entire office has always treated me with genuine respect, always looking out making sure I'm comfortable!!
Gary Leuck
Gary L.
22:14 09 Jul 18
I recently had a bad tooth ache and they worked me in in less than a week. Had two cavities that need fixed and that was done in one visit. May need root canal, but so far so good. Pleasent surroundings. They have dentists for the children and as I've waited, I've noticed that young children go back to dentist without crying or asking for a parent to come back with them, so they must make them not afraid.
Darlene Etchberger
Darlene E.
20:52 10 May 18
Dr Newman has treated my 12 year old grandson since he was a toddler. He had several issues that needed attention and she did a fantastic job. She a very kind a loving, compassionate person.
Kathy L
Kathy L
13:57 27 Mar 18
Both Dr. Pearlman and Dr. Seidman are over the top compassionate friendly and knowledgeable. I can't say enough positive things about my experience with the entire practice. You can feel that they genuinely care about your well being and the office staff is friendly and helpful. From scheduling around our sons school to questions about insurance I always feel so comfortable that they will take the very best care of me and my family. My son had 3 teeth knocked out last year and thanks to Dr. Pearlman's quick after hours response we have been able to save them for now...which is a miracle. Followed by Dr. Seidman making room in his schedule to follow up with him quickly too. If you can believe you can enjoy going to the dentist this is the place to go! Patient for life!
Ed Dorsey
Ed D.
23:24 26 Mar 18
I've been a patient of the practice and Dr. Seidman for 30 years now! Amazing practice with an amazing staff! Very cool and compassionate dental practice! If you're looking for a really good dental practice in the area, I highly recommend this practice!
Charity Speis-Polatty
Charity S.
15:58 25 Jan 18
Took my son in to see Dr Newman for a 6 month cleaning and check up and found that he had an abscessed tooth. One of his adult teeth was trying to push the baby one out but it wasn’t budging. Dr Newman explained in great detail about what was wrong, how it happened, and what we can do. She reassured me that it wasn’t urgent to pull the tooth that day and that I could take time to decide the right time. She was very patient. My son, now 9, had a very bad experience having a tooth pulled a few years back so I was a little hesitant to put him through that again when he thought he was only there for a cleaning. Dr Newman told me she could pull the tooth or refer him to an oral surgeon that could put him under. I definitely didn’t want to take him anywhere else as an oral surgeon was who pulled his tooth the last time and my son felt it and has anxiety about it. I was very comfortable going ahead a having Dr Newman pull the tooth as my son likes the staff very much and has trust in the Doctor as do I. She made him comfortable and I sat in the waiting room . It didn’t take long for her to get the tooth out and when she came and got me she had a big smile on her face. She said he did great and didn’t even feel it. I was relieved and so happy. She is by far the best dentist I’ve sent my child to. My son kept asking me on the way home why he felt it being pulled last time but didn’t feel anything with Dr Newman, I told him “Because she’s THAT good!”. Dr Newman is compassionate and caring and you can tell that she enjoys the children and what she does. She’s happy and always smiling! I highly recommend this dentist!!
Suzie April
Suzie A.
00:50 21 Dec 17
I can’t say enough good things about this office!! The staff is very friendly and helpful! On another note Dr. Pearlman did surgery on my daughter today!! He made sure EVERY single one of our questions were answered both before surgery and after and never made us feel like he was in a hurry!! So now I’m sitting here trying to put her to sleep and my phone rings!! Yup that’s right Dr.Pearlman called to check on her! I’m blown away!! That showed me he really cares about his patients!!
Brielle’s Nursing Journey
Brielle’s Nursing J.
14:12 15 Dec 17
Tammy Rickett Thomas
Tammy Rickett T.
13:02 20 Oct 17
Julie Fredlock
Julie F.
14:58 30 Sep 17
Excellent staff, all-around great place to take your little ones.
Lauren Bloomstein Schlossberg
Lauren Bloomstein S.
18:44 26 Jul 17
Excellent experience! Dr. Newman is an experienced, first rate practitioner with a caring approach!
David Karn
David K.
02:15 31 Jan 17
I have been going to this practice since I was a young child. They truly believe in no pain dentistry. Highly recommended!!
Ariana Seidman
Ariana S.
21:09 31 Oct 16
James Miller
James M.
16:13 26 Sep 16
In a word, WOW! As with most people, I have had multiple medical providers in my life. This is without question the best experience I have ever had. The staff is warm and welcoming. The hygienist is thorough and caring. And Doctor Seidman is professional, knowledgeable, and spent a great deal of time talking with me about what I could do to improve my dental health.
Jim M.
Jim M.
09:12 26 Sep 16
In a word, WOW! As with most people, I have had multiple medical providers in my life. This is without question the best experience I have ever had. The...
Tom Amalfitano
Tom A.
02:41 31 Aug 16
Best docs in the business. For kids and adults the place to go.
Leroy Albin
Leroy A.
07:48 20 Jun 16
Dr Seidman overcame my fear of dentists more than 25 years ago. Along with his hygienist Jackie, he has kept, repaired, crowned, and bridged my teeth in a most caring and professional manner. He uses the latest and best technology to care for his patients.
Camryn Craig
Camryn C.
22:32 03 Jun 16
Shamshad Nyame
Shamshad N.
19:20 02 Jan 16
Lonna Erwin
Lonna E.
02:50 13 Nov 15
I wasn't sure at first if my daughter would like coming here. She was terrified of dentists. And the fact that parents aren't allowed back with their kids didn't give me a good feeling. However, after the 1st consultation I knew we found the right pediatric dentist. My daughter was no longer afraid and actually looked forward to going to the dentist. I am so thankful!
Nicki Burgan
Nicki B.
13:18 18 Jun 15
I've been coming here for over 20 years, Dr. Pearlman, Jackie and the office staff are amazing. I couldn't ask for better! I wouldn't trust my teeth to anyone else! I've had fantastic dental and orthodontic care over the years!
Gena Marie Johnson
Gena Marie J.
14:47 07 Apr 15
Love them all so much! They know us when we walk in and greet us so warmly! Dr. Newman is the best. Wouldn't want to take my daughter anywhere else!
Ryan Stahl
Ryan S.
13:54 23 Mar 15
Kimber Lea
Kimber L.
20:19 14 Jan 15
Casandra K.
Casandra K.
15:47 17 Dec 14
Had a new patient visit with Dr Seidman today. I showed up 20 minutes early as requested, had all my forms filled out already so the hygienist started on me...
Lisa Feigley Stoner
Lisa Feigley S.
00:51 13 Nov 14
Courtney Lynn
Courtney L.
20:19 15 Sep 14
Dr. Seidman is personal, friendly, and professional.Everyone there sets you at ease.I could not be happier with my bonding work. I have hated the space in my front two teeth all my life and had just given in to the fact that it was what it was. He took the time to explain all my options. He fixed the space and no one even knows it was there.So thrilled with the look and he was so wonderful with the consultation and procedure.Highly recommend.
Diana Divelbiss Gray
Diana Divelbiss G.
00:39 18 Jan 14
Cathy Landis
Cathy L.
19:04 06 Jan 14
Sally Yingst Manning
Sally Yingst M.
13:41 15 Dec 13
Jennifer Nichols
Jennifer N.
10:56 22 Nov 13
Tonja Blum
Tonja B.
02:49 01 Nov 13
Chris Cowdrick
Chris C.
23:44 02 Oct 13
 Kevin Lynn Wetzel
Kevin Lynn Wetzel
02:37 25 Aug 13
Lexy McTighe
Lexy M.
13:39 01 Aug 13
Belinda Callear
Belinda C.
14:10 25 Jul 13
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