COVID-19 Pandemic Update 03/23/20

To all of our valued patients,

As many of you know, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have temporarily closed our office hours from 3/16/20 until 5/12/20. We are currently assessing the need to close for an additional week.

As an alternative, we are currently offering teledentistry appointments over Skype.

Either Dr. Allan Seidman or Dr. Lara Seidman will be available to do a virtual consult. We will address any dental questions or concerns you may have during this difficult time. These consults may be covered by your insurance; however, if you do not have insurance, or your insurance plan does not cover teledentistry, you will not be charged for these consults. This does not substitute emergency treatment, and if you are experiencing a dental emergency please call 301-797-6950 from 8am-3pm Monday through Friday, or 301-745-1413 after hours.

To schedule a consult, please call the office during normal business hours, or email [email protected].

Please stay healthy!

Dr. Allan Seidman

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